Check Out Our Live Stream!

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4 Responses to "Check Out Our Live Stream!"

  1. ThePwrSerg says:

    Love the Technology this church has! The word of GOD is strong here! The ability to re-watch is GREAT! Thank you for all time and efforts!

    May GOD bless you!


  2. ThePwrSerg says:

    Words of wisdom!
    Love this past Sunday’s Service!

  3. Donna Cohen says:

    Powerful message and so relevant for today!

    Thank you and God bless you!

  4. Liz faith says:

    Tonight’s message was a blessing, Indeed God is setting the captives free through his Mighty powers, And Gods holy spirit is resting upon brother John Ramirez, bringing forth the gospel of JESUS CHRIST and bringing the truth of deliverance to the body of Christ.When truth is accepted, correction follows and deliverance takes place.Glory and Honor belongs to our heavenly father.blessings to the pastors of this local church, as well to all my brothers and sisters in Christ!

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