Water Baptism Service


Once you have accepted Jesus as your personnel savior, water baptism is the next step of your spiritual journey. We welcome all youth and adult members who want to be water baptized to join our required baptism classes. Classes are offered throughout the year. For more information on upcoming classes contact our administrative office at 407-277-7168.

Baptism (1)



1. Why is water baptism important?

In John Chapter 3 Jesus said no one can enter the kingdom of God unless he is born of water and the Spirit. This topic will be covered in depth as part of the baptismal classes.

2. Can I be baptized more than once?

Yes. If you were baptized as a child or in another church or if you just want to re-dedicate yourself to Christ you are welcome to be re-baptized.

3. Can I invite family and friends to the baptism?

Yes. We encourage you to invite others to share in your public dedication to Christ.

4. What should I wear/bring to my baptism?

Women: White blouse or shirt, White pants, jeans or Khakis, Two Towels

Men: White shirt and a White T-shirt, White pants, jeans or Khaki, Two Towels