I have a 19-year-old daughter that is a hard worker at school and at work. She also went the gym five days a week. On December 3rd she had a sudden set back as I would call it. I came home and found her on the floor. She was admitted to hospital and the Doctor performed several tests and the results diagnosed her with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

I was not accepting it. So I went and prayed because I stand on my faith and prayer. I prayed for God to change that because she was unable to walk but a few steps and then her legs would give out. Her legs were even numb at times. Since she was feeling a little better the hospital reran the tests six days later. They administered a blood and spinal tap and two days later the doctor said the test came back “negative”.

The doctors looked very confused saying to me they read them right the first time. I assured them that was my God healing my daughter (no worries). I pray daily for her and I continue to ask God to help her to walk normal again the way she did a month ago. Amen. God is an awesome God. He truly answers prayers!!!

Jean Berry